Post Covid Hair Fall

In this pandemic era, we are seeing an increase in patients walking in complaining of extreme hair fall. They say we are loosing so much of hair every day and afraid we may go bald soon , please help.
Why are we seeing such a huge lose of hair?
After covID infection you may loose hair after 2-3 months ,that is because your body wiii go into shock .As hair is slow growing you will see the effect after 2-3 months.This type of hair lose may occur after any severe illness like typhoid, malaria, dengue, or any other major surgeries and diseases.This is not exactly hair fall, it is hair shedding called telogen effluvium. Our hair grows in cycles. Anagen phase where the hair grows , catagen or static stage and telogen phase or shedding phase. Normally very few hairs will be in telogen phase. In telogen effluvium more number of hairs go into telogen phase and sheds. Another important reason is stress.Post covid Social and psychological stress may be the culprit. The amount of stress we are going through in work and life style in the pandemic and lockdown can also precipitate telogen effluvium in non covid effected individuals also. Reduced food intake and long term medication can lead to nutritional deficiencies leading to hair loss.
The pathology behind the hairfall
In Covid there will be severe inflammation effecting all systems of our body . Hair follicles also involved leading to shedding. The thrombotic tendencies of the covid infection may cause micro emboli in the supplying blood vessels leading to hairfall.
Have healthy and balanced diet. Eat food Rich in protein like dal, sprouts, legumes, egg and non veg. Add good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins . Consume handful of dry fruits and nuts as they are rich in minerals.if this is not able to help you visit your dermatologist.
Dermatologist will check if you are having any vitamin deficiencies and correct may require vitamin and mineral supplements apart from your healthy diet.if the loss is severe topical peptides are use full. Minoxidil lotions will help in regrowth. Recovery may take a few months, usually 2-4 months to stop the fall and it takes total 6-8 months to get back your volume.
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