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Mesotherapy Treatment

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Mesotherapy is intended to break up fat cells and help reduce the appearance of unwanted body dimples (cellulite) through a series of chemical injections.

The advantages of injecting medication into the skin/fat include the elimination of side effects and contra-indications. Intolerance to a medication is often triggered by factors such as dose and the body's ability to break down and excrete the product. In many cases, formerly intolerant patients can tolerate a medication in Mesotherapeutic form.

Side effects

Burning that can last 15-20 minutes. Minor swelling that can last 1-5 days (this can vary with some patients). Minor soreness that can last several days. Minor skin discoloration, which resolves on its own, or can be treated with chemical peels to remove it quickly. A slight risk of infection (which may occur whenever an injection is administered).

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is the enrichment of your skin with a natural homeopathic remedy that contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins and essential minerals to make your skin glow. The vitamins and antioxidants in the Mesotherapy serum help to stimulate the skin cells and encourage them to produce more collagen and elastin.

How does Mesotherapy work?

Mesotherapy enriches the lower levels of your skin where your skin cells are actively multiplying. Keeping your skin cells well fed allows them to be healthy and vibrant, so that you look healthy and vibrant. We offer two methods of administering the Mesotherapy serum:
Needle-Free Mesotherapy : We have invested in advanced transdermal machine that uses technology similar to ultrasound to safely carry the Mesotherapy serum to the skin cells. This method is effective and relaxing with no bruising or redness.
Needle Mesotherapy : Using the French method of application, of a light touch and rapid motion, a tiny needle is used to place the Mesotherapy serum under the top layer of your skin. Despite the light touch you will be aware of the treatment and experience mild redness plus minor bruising following your treatment.

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