Tips For Dry Skin

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1) Keep baths (OR) Showers short.
2) Use warm (not hot) water in cold weather. In warm weathers. Use normal water.
3) Use as little Soap as Possible . Limit its use to face, armpits, and genitals. Try mild cleansers and baby soaps.
4) After taking bath pat with soft towel. Do not rub.
5) Avoid bathing too frequently, especially with harsh soaps, as it may contribute to dry skin.
6) Use bath oils and moisturizers at least once a day to avoid dry skin.
7) Drink plenty of water throughout the day to increase moisture in dry skin.
8) Clean your face habitually and moisturize it with the right kind of moisturiser.
9) Make some changes in your diet that can help improve your skin’s appearance. You can eat fish as much as you can because it contains omega 3 which is very healthy and supporting for the skin.
10) Drink Plenty of Water. This will save your skin from dehydration as well as drying out of your skin too.
11) Make use of slightly warm water while taking bath as hot water also produces dryness in your skin. Extremely hot water leads to skin losing its innate moisture.
12) As soon as you finish drying up, apply a good moisturizing cream or body lotion all over your body parts.
13) Do not use soaps or at least avoid dry soaps for your body and especially for your face. You can use glycerin soap or soaps especially made for dry skin.
14) Make use of a face mask that hydrates your skin. It can even repair your skin too.
15) When you are going through the cleansing part, make sure you just do the right thing. You will have to follow the same routine every day.
16) Save yourself from prolong exposure to sun. Use sunscreen lotion whenever you go out.